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From the famous Champagne region of France (only wines made in Champagne can really be called Champagne) one of the world's foremost champagne houses has produced a limited run of its popular Blue Top non-vintage bubbly -- Heidsieck & Co. Monopole -- the official champagne aboard the ill-fated Titanic. (When they were bringing up salvage from the boat a few years back, they pulled-up some Heidsieck Monopole and it tasted terrific!)

When you pop open a bottle of this super premium sparkler, you'll know why the world has been singing champagne's praises for centuries. Again, in limited circulation. Suggested retail is $49.99. Non-Mevushal. We recommend champagne be used as a cocktail or aperitif before the main course of any meal or to complement dessert. Serve in tall fluted glasses -- the small round champagne glasses are cute, but they do nothing for the wine.

Non-Vintage champagnes generally are better than vintage-dated ones. Why? Because the champagne houses blend together an assortment of wines from several different years -- giving you, the consumer the very best of many different years' production. The art, as with Bordeaux wines (which are typically blends of more than one grape type) is with the winemaker, who is the "head chef," or "mixmaster" combining wines from different vintages to give you the best result from several harvests all in one bottle. In France, the French prefer Non-Vintage (NV) champagnes because with vintage dating there can be a lack of consistent taste from year-to-year and you're putting all your eggs in one harvest's basket.

The Wall Street Journal
March 31, 2006
Heidsieck Monopole “Blue Top” Champagne NV
Heidsieck Monopole “Blue Top” Champagne NV Kosher
“Beautiful wine. Full and rich, elegant and nutty, like biscotti. A real celebration wine. This is not a simple quaffer; it would go well with food.”

Dorothy Gaiter
John Brecher
The Wall Street Journal

Moshe Yudkowsky
June 2006
Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Champagne
Rated 5 (highest rating)

Heidsieck is one of the venerable champagnes -- established in 1785, the winery's Blue Top Champagne was the official champagne aboard the Titanic. Abarbanel imports a kosher, non-mevushal version.

Like many champagnes, it is non-vintage. Since champagnes are for celebrations, and both experts and novices alike will taste, I tested a bottle on some friends and family in addition to my usual experts.

Everyone enjoyed the champagne. One of my colleagues particularly enjoyed the restrained, larger bubbles which didn't interfere with his enjoyment of the wine, a problem with some other sparkling wines. Everyone enjoyed the hints of strawberry. We tasted this wine with some strongly-flavored meats as well as with some sugary dessert delicacies, and in both cases the wine stood up well to the challenge.

I noticed a pronounced grapefruit finish to the wine, including a lingering astringency. Unfortunately I don't enjoy grapefruit and this detracted from my own personal enjoyment -- but I also admit that I kept the bottle close by and made certain there wasn't a drop left by the end of the evening.

Heidsieck Monopole Rated
Top Kosher Sparkler out of
15 Wines Tasted

"The best brut in the tasting was not surprisingly one from France's best-known Champagne houses. Heidsieck & Company's Monopole Blue Top Brut Champagne is a truly wonderful wine, with a lovely dark straw color, lots of large bubbles and a bouquet of apples, heather, citrus and earthy yeast. The flavors of apples, lemons, creamy butter, heather, toasted bread and minerals all nicely mingle with a charming, nutty yeastiness that runs from the front of the palate to the end of the finish. This is classic Champagne with classic style."

Gamliel Kronemer
The N.Y. Jewish Week
December 23, 2005

Heidsieck Monopole
Blue Top Champagne NV

“Very fruity and floral, with a creamy texture buoying the berry, apple and dough notes. Lightweight and elegant, with a persistence of flavor through the lingering finish. Drink now.”

The Wine Spectator, October 2003


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