Abarbanel Brut D'AlsaceAn Abarbanel bubbly! How smashing! Pop! Your simcha is now complete! This is a genuine French Methode Champenoise white sparkling wine with all the crispness, savoir faire and sophistication one would expect from master French wine makers. The French invented sparkling wine, so where better to make it?

According to French law, only sparkling wines produced in the Champagne region can be called Champagne (U.S. wine makers ignore this rule and label anything sparkling as "Champagne.") any other sparkling wine in France bears the designation "Crémant," in this case showing the region of origin, so "Crémant D'Alsace," the Alsace region of France, in the country's Northeast, along the Rhine, not far from the German border. This is where we also make our mega-award winning Gewurztraminer.

Our Crémant is made from the Pinot Blanc grape which is best known for delicateness, suppleness and balance. Fermented in the bottle. Two fermentations. We rotated the bottles daily for over two years. Don't save this wine -- you can enjoy it young -- enjoy it now. Serve slightly chilled, preferably in a tall, fluted glass. If you store it, please do so in a cool place and on its side, not straight-up. Enjoy it anytime, priced at under $16, you can indulge your sparkling desires. Kosher for Passover. O-U certified. Mevushal! (So you can have this at your wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah!) Serve with anything and everything.

The joyful exuberance of a popping cork, a fine stream of bubbles rising through a slim glass of shimmering pale gold, the delicate effervescence of Crémant D'Alsace makes its unforgettable mark on the small celebrations and grand occasions which stand out on the calendar.

Four Stars From
The Washington Examiner
Washington D.C.

Joshua E. London
April 8 2006

Brut Crémant d'Alsace NV - "This is a light, vibrant, food-friendly, dry pinot blanc-based sparkling wine from the Alsace. With robust, tight, long-lasting bubbles, the wine has wonderful flavors and aromas of minerals, citrus, herbs and toast. Although slightly lighter in body than it should be, the wine has nice acidity to balance out the mineral and citrus notes."

The New York Times
Sunday, May 30, 2004

Kosher Sparkler for Summer
By Howard G. Goldberg

"Abarbanel Crémant D'Alsace, a sophisticated, steely kosher sparkling wine, adds a dimension to summertime Sabbath fish and chicken dinners. Use it as an aperitif and with main courses. This medium-bodied non-vintage brut, made from Pinot Blanc grapes, an Alsatian forte, delivers a fresh-apple and yeasty bouquet, a biscuit-like flavor and a long finish. Give it a medium chill."

Abarbanel, Brut Crémant d'Alsace NV
"Kosher Pale silver straw color. Yeast, leesy, dried citrus and peach skin aromas. An effervescent entry leads to a dry-yet fruity medium-bodied palate with tart citrus and powdery mineral flavors. Finishes with a fruity citrus and fade. Very tasty."

Beverage Testing Institute
World Wine Championships, August 2006

Abarbanel, Brut Crémant d'Alsace NV
"Kosher. Very clean, focused and elegant, offering honey, citrus and a hint of coconut flavors and a lingering aftertaste. An ideal aperitif. Drink now - Mevushal."

Wine Spectator Online, 2004


Second highest in the "French Sparkling Wines" Category

Abarbanel, Crémant d'Alsace, Brut, n.v.
"The Best of Year 2000"
"There's a pleasing nose here with some toast and mineral notes. A dry palate follows with lime, herb and mushroom flavors, and the mouthfeel is light and positive. More of the same follows on the finish, with a tasty biscuit note. It's a solid, straightforward sparkler with a refreshing lack of pretense. Kosher, too."

Wine Enthusiast Magazine, March 2003

Abarbanel, Crémant d'Alsace, Brut, n.v.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine, January 2001

Abarbanel, Crémant d'Alsace, Brut, n.v.
"Light to medium-bodied, light golden in color and probably made as are most of the Alsace Crémant wines from a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris grapes. Small sharp bubbles here and a good mousse but neither of those last very long but with appealing citrus, kiwi and pineapple aromas and flavors that fill the mouth nicely. A viable option when a kosher sparkler is in order. On my last tasting (4 Jul 2001) this non-vintage wine earned a score of 82. This time it comes off much better." (Re-tasted 20 Sep, 2004)

Daniel Rogov
Ha’aratez and International Herald Tribune
September 2004

out of 5
Abarbanel, Brut Crémant d'Alsace, Alsace, France, Non-vintage
"Consistently delicious from bottling to bottling; a vivacious, food-friendly, dry, robustly sparkling wine showcasing delightful aromas and flavors of toast, citrus fruits, and mineral notes; its light body is compensated with elegant flavor and balance. Drink now. Mevushal."

Joshua London
The New York Jewish Week
March 28th, 2009


One of America's Top 10 Kosher Wines
Anthony Dias Blue
Bon Appetit Magazine, April 1999
(Abarbanel Brut was only one of two kosher sparkling wines
to make this list and the only Mevushal one!)

Gold Medal
Tasters Guild International
April 2003

Silver Medal
Beverage Testing Institute
World Wine Championships

August 2006

Silver Medal
International Eastern Wine Competition
May 1999

Silver Medal
Tasters Guild International
April 1999

Silver Medal
Tasters Guild Consumer Wine Competition
August 1998


Occasions Sparkle with Abarbanel Champagne Cocktails!

Our Abarbanel Brut Crémant D'Alsace Sparkling is a genuine Methode Champenoise made from Pinot Blanc grapes and fermented and aged in the bottle for two full years. Rated as one of the 10 Best Kosher Wines in America by Anthony Dias Blue in Bon Appetit Magazine, this sparkling wine is Mevushal, so it is perfect for large sukkah gatherings. Our Brut Crémant has apple, apricot and creamy notes, so it delicious by itself, or, you can make some outstanding drinks using it as a base:

Here are some great ways to add sparkle to any occasion:

Abarbanel Kir Royale
Put some majesty in your glass. Pour four-fifths of a champagne flute with Abarbanel Brut Crémant with one fifth part Leroux Creme de Cassis, which is a sweet/tart liqueur. This will make your drink pink and put some additional heft into your flute. Outstanding with salads.

Abarbanel Mimosa
A taste of the tropics. Pour four fifths of a champagne flute wih Abarbanel Brut Crémant with one fifth fresh-squeezed orange juice. (Tropicana or New Square Homestyle or Grovestand will do in a pinch). We strongly recommend OJ pulp here.

Abarbanel "Pear of Aces"
Take the same recipe above and replace the OJ with some Israeli Pear Nectar -- you won't believe how excellent this tastes!

Remember -- when making Champagne Cocktails, it is the quality of the Champage that makes all the difference!



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